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History and advantages of Invicta Attorneys at Law
Why us?

Over 1000 satisfied clients, over 1500 positively solutions of cases, almost 10 years of successful law practice, all this is Invicta Attorneys at Law! At your service is a strong team of attorneys and economists, with a nonstandard approach to solution of any matters, alongside with sticking to the best traditions of law practices.


The company history began in 2009, when successful attorneys – Ternovii Ruslan Bohdanovych, Kalenychenko Serhii Mykolaiovych and Skrypko Evhenii Vasyliovych – founded Invicta Atterneys at Law. The company was registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 06.11.2009 and, as a legal entity, with the Shevchenkivsa District State Administration in Kyiv on 23.12.2009, and acts in accordance with the Law “Upon advocacy and legal practice”.

We - today

By now, the team of the attorneys at law has considerably broadened and consists of experienced specialists in various sectors of law (specialists’ experience: 9 and more years). In addition, as part of the team works an experienced accountant who has a considerable experience in executive positions at the State Financial Inspectorate (SFI) in Kyiv Region (Controlling and Auditing Department (CAD) in Kyiv Region).


Our specialization is rendering of consulting services to the citizens of Ukraine and foreigners, tax and judicial practices, purchase and sale transaction support, contractual work etc. A complete list of legal practices and services you can find in the section of Services. We are carefully following relevant tendencies in each and every sector of law; operatively reacting to any amendments to and innovations in the law so as to successfully apply them when solving your issues! Contact us today and trust your concerns with the professionals!

Competence and experience

Professional lawyers watch over your interests! Solution of the hardest cases!

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The best service and individual approach to each and every client!

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Minimum price for maximal result in solution to your issue!

Our activities

Vast experience in law practice, a united team and use of traditional and the latest legal techniques made it possible for us to achieve prominent results! Among them: settlement of hard cases at court, qualitative purchase and sale transaction support, legalization of construction and real estate, consulting aid etc. You can join hundreds of satisfied clients of Invicta Attorneys at Law too, receiving a high-quality legal aid right away!


Criminal-and-legal defense
Tax and judicial practice
Consulting services
Purchase and sale of businesses

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We are always ready to answer your questions! Our specialists understand the life of your business and are oriented towards specific results! Contact us in any way suitable for you!