Purchase and sale of businesses

Legal support for purchase and sale transactions
купля продажа бизнеса киев

Purchase and sale of businesses

Purchase and sale deals of a running business are increasingly popular, in particular in Ukraine. Legal support of such transactions is a complex legal task. Solution to each of their stages requires a deep competence in the legislation, as well as a lot of practical experience. That’s why we offer you to use the services of Invicta Attorneys at Law in Kyiv! Our attorneys have a successful experience of legal support for purchase and sale of businesses, which will allow you to quickly, safely and confidentially conduct pre-sale preparation and protect you from unwanted risks.

In the course of legal support, our specialists will conduct pre-sale preparation, identify any problems of a company in the legal field and in its financial condition. The task of attorneys at Invicta is to provide an absolutely “clean”, from a legal point of view, purchase and sale transaction, without negative consequences for the parties. For this, all registration, statutory, internal documents of the sold company, as well as concluded with contractors of the contract, availability of permits and rights to intellectual property, etc., are verified.

Experienced attorneys of our law firm recommend that before making a decision to buy or sell a business, it is required to conduct its legal examination. An enterprise must be inspected for violation of the rights of participants upon their change, analysis of the origin of assets, personnel documentation, etc. After completing the audit and identifying all the risks, our company’s lawyers will ensure correct and competent execution of a business purchase and sale transaction. The whole procedure of legal support is strictly confidential! Get additional advice, and trust the business to professionals of Invicta!


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