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Invicta Attorneys at Law is a legal firm in Kyiv, with a solid experience and qualified specialists in various branches of law and flexible conditions for provision of services! Contact us today to obtain a complex solution to your issue!

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Invicta Attorneys at Law was established in 2009. By now,
over 1000 companies and natural persons have become our clients,
for whom positive results in more than 1500 cases were obtained!

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Over 8 years, Invicta has been providing high-quality services and solving the most complicated issues in various sectors of law!


Experienced specialists of our company will provide a prompt answer to all your questions, with a simple telephone call!


Under applicable laws of Ukraine, we guarantee absolute privacy of your personal data, as well as of the content of legal advice and services.

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Achievements of our team: over 1500 favorably decided cases for more than 1000 clients, as well as gratitude and distinctions!


Give us a call or contact us in any convenient manner and trust your concerns to the best experts!


With us, you will receive qualitative legal and attorney services and obtain desired results without excess costs!


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11 Mar
About procedures for administrative appeals of decisions of tax authorities. Period for processing of complaints: Do regulatory bodies have the right to extend them? Innovations: representation by an attorney; technical recording of meetings etc.
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