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About receiving alimony in 2017
Аліменти 2017

Alimony size in 2017

Many people looking for information regarding alimony for child support, think that in Ukraine there are legislatively adopted amounts. As a matter of fact, it is not so, for alimony is always individual and is determined by judgment of a court which takes into account a variety of factors. We will describe in this article, how alimony for child support is calculated and what approximate amount one can expect to receive.

So, taking a decision on the alimony size, a court considers basic circumstances such as: a child’s and an alimony payer’s state of health, economic standing, availability of a permanent source of income, a payer having other children, disabled relatives etc. As already mentioned, the alimony size will be individual in each particular case, and a decision on the size of alimony is made based on Article 182, the Family Code of Ukraine. However, some, at least rough, calculations can be done in advance.

First, it is worth keeping in mind that the law establishes a minimum level of alimony for child support. The minimum amount of alimony is the amount equal to 30% of a poverty level of a child of an appropriate age (Article 182, Family Code). As per the Budget of Ukraine for 2017, the minimum amount of alimony cannot be less than:

  • for a child aged up to 6 years: UAH 406.5 (from 01.01), UAH 427.8 (from 01.05), UAH 447.6 (from 01.12);
  • for a child at the age of 6 to 18 years: UAH 506.7 (from 01.01), UAH 533.1 (from 01.05), UAH 558 (from 01.12);

It should be taken into account that the alimony size may be determined by court not only percentage-wise, but also in a fixed amount. As a rule, a second means is applied, when an alimony payer does not have a permanent regular income or there are other important circumstances. The exact amount of alimony is difficult to predict with such a means, but, analyzing the amount recovered by court in 2016, it is possible to estimate that they range between UAH 500 to 2000. Although in some cases recovered were higher sums: UAH 6000 to 10 000.

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